About Britain in Bloom

britain in bloomBritain in Bloom is an all-inclusive campaign, organised by the RHS, that encourages communities of all sizes to make positive and lasting improvements to their local areas for the benefit of local people. The campaign is the largest of it kind in Europe and incorporates floral features, permanent planting, wildflower meadows, planting for nature, fruit and vegetable gardening and much, more.

Other core elements include cleanliness and tackling issues of litter, graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Entries are encouraged to involve all sectors of the community such as town centre management, businesses, community groups, volunteers and schools to boost civic pride and help retain a local identity. Britain in Bloom also promotes good practice in the environment by encouraging recycling, the establishment of conservation areas and other sustainable projects.

We encourage all communities to get involved to help create safer, cleaner and greener local environments.

Neighbourhood Awards

The Britain in Bloom Neighbourhood Awards is a unique initiative for small, resident-led communities just starting out on the cleaning up and greening up of their local areas. The scheme is non-competitive and welcomes groups taking the initial steps towards community improvements. While entries are not judged against each other, they are visited by Britain in Bloom experts who provide valuable feedback and helpful advice on how to develop current activities and encourage on-going improvements. Each entry is then presented with either an Award of Improvement, Merit or Outstanding Achievement.

Cleaner Safer Greener CommunitiesThe Britain in Bloom Neighbourhood Awards form part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's (ODPM) drive for Cleaner Safer Greener Communities. The Awards recognise communities that are taking responsibility and action to regenerate their local environment. The scheme is aimed at small groups of residents who are just beginning to 'green up' their local area.

Everyone benefits from cleaner, safer, greener communities - socially, environmentally and economically. The Neighbourhood Awards encourage 'sense of ownership' and community renewal, building civic pride in sustaining places where people want to live.

Communities participating in the Neighbourhood Awards will be guided to help them green up and clean up their local area. Working together towards the Award will help to build vibrant, sustainable communities and to collectively start to rebuild the sense of respect. To download the Britain in Bloom Neighbourhood Awards Starter Pack Click Here.

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