Blooming Wild!

amanda wilsonBlooming Wild! is a campaign to encourage people to do one more thing for wildlife in their gardens. The campaign recognises that our local wildlife habitats are increasingly under threat and that every garden, big or small, is a potential mini nature reserve. From small simple changes such as putting up a nest box to larger projects such as building a wildlife pond - any action taken will benefit local garden wildlife. The Blooming Wild! Campaign wants to increase your knowledge of the issues relating to biodiversity within the Borough and we have a number of initiatives that will help you do your bit by doing one more thing for wildlife.

biodiversity Find out what biodiversity is and how you can improve it
Nest Box Challenge Take part in the Nest Box Challenge
Wild Night Out Want a Wild Night Out?: See your garden in a different light with Wild Night Out!
Creature Calendar Identify the creatures in your garden with our Creature Calendar

Do one thing in your Garden

Do one thing in your GardenPut up Biodiversity Boxes – bird, bat, bug, and hedgehog boxes are just some of the homes you can provide for wildlife to help them to nest, shelter, hibernate, or raise their young. To build your own box click here or find more information on hedgehogs and gardening.

Feed the Birds – over the last 50 years the number of ‘common’ birds such as sparrows and starlings, has steadily declined in the UK. Simply setting up a bird feeder in your garden can make a huge difference. For more information on feeding the birds click here.

Build a Pond – a pond in your garden can bring a whole host of interesting wildlife into your world, such as frogs, newts, and dragonflies. You will also be helping to protect an important habitat which is rapidly disappearing from our countryside. To build your own pond click here or click here to download an advice sheet on Frogs, toads and newts in garden ponds.

Start Composting – you will notice that you are putting less waste out for collection, while a heap of fertile compost starts to accumulate! By making your own compost rather than buying the peat-based commercial version you are helping to conserve peatlands – a very rare habitat in NI. To start composting click here

Plant a Mini Wildflower Meadow – imagine a colourful corner of your garden filled with wildflowers and buzzing with wildlife. Planting a mini-meadow can range from a small area of flowering lawn to a full blown wildflower meadow – you can bring wildflowers into your garden in whichever way suits you best. Download the "Sow Some Wild Flowers" Pocket Guide.

Plant a Native Tree – native trees are amongst the very best plants for wildlife, providing nectar-rich flowers, buds, berries, fruits, seeds and nuts, as well as places to breed, shelter and hibernate. By planting a native tree or two you can bring the magic of woodland wildlife to your garden! To plant a tree click here.

Install a Water Butt – rainwater is a much healthier option for your garden plants than tap water. By using water collected from your house or shed roofs rather than from the tap you will also be helping to conserve our most precious natural resource – water!

Make a Woodpile – a pile of logs simulates fallen trees and is essential in a wildlife garden – most gardens can accommodate even a small log pile! Your log pile will provide an excellent home for a variety of insects, birds and mammals. To build a woodpile click here.

Plant a Butterfly & Bee Friendly Area – many species of butterflies, moths and bees visit gardens in search of nectar, warmth and potential nesting sites. They are a good indicator of a healthy environment making them a joy to find and observe in any garden. These helpful insects pollinate your plants and shrubs and give you hours of pleasure as you watch them go about their business! Create a butterfly garden.

Plant up a Window Box / Hanging Basket – even if you have very little space or no garden at all by planting up some tubs, window boxes or hanging baskets you can attract and support wildlife. As well as brightening up your walls, window ledges and patios you are providing a food source for insects, and the birds that feed on them. Advice on creating a beautiful hanging basket.

Have we got something good for you . . . .Scott Hayes and Darcie Lowry provide nutty nibbles for local birdlife.