grow Your Own in Carrickfergus BoroughGrow Your Own in Carrickfergus Borough

Carrickfergus Borough Council has a number of initiatives to support residents who want to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. The following initiatives are designed to support you whatever you circumstances.

For beginners we have the One Pot Pledge in assocation with Garden Organics.

For School Kids we have the Growing Clubs for Schools initiative.

For community groups we will support your activities with grants and advice from groups such as Grow it Yourself.

We have also Allotments at Eden Allotment Gardens.

For advice on gardening start here.

Vegetables & health

Gardeners who grow their own fruit and vegetables could be the healthiest people. That's the conclusion of Dr Laurence J Trueman, a molecular biologist and biochemist currently working as a consultant to the horticulture industry specialising in the effect of eating fruit and vegetables on human health. Dr Trueman describes the health benefits of fruit & veg:

The Peat Free Promise

As well as getting people to grow their own we also encourage people to grow food peat-free. Peat is a very valuable natural resource and we're doing our bit to help gardeners realise that we don't need peat to grow food successfully. If you'd like to know more about going peat free visit

If you want to know more about growing your own fruit and vegetables in the Borough please contact us.