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point Attention All Teachers: Growing Poems

Growing Poems: Cultivating Creativity and Communication Skills through Garden-Inspired Poetry.

Growing PoemsThe Carrickfergus in Bloom Initiative has successfully run a poetry competition for a number of years now and we are running one this year also. By reflecting on their gardening experiences through poetry, your pupils can keep their gardens growing in their minds, maintaining a rich context for exploring phonics, personal expression, parts of speech, figurative language, and many other language arts standards.

The objectives of this competition is to encourage pupils in the Borough to develop more diverse ways of describing everyday objects, processes, and events, and to recognize that they each have a unique way of expressing themselves and finding their own voice. Many young people get a great deal of enjoyment from participating in plant-based lessons in school gardens, habitats, and indoor settings. They often connect deeply with plants and nature, and this serves as a rich source of material for budding poets.

Poetry is meant to be a liberating medium for expression, yet it also encourages precise use of words as young people home in on what they wish to communicate. The buried treasure young people discover is the skill to harness language to enrich their work in all disciplines. And since poetry is meant to be read aloud, it also can bolster presentation skills. Ideally, it will help them grow into effective, compelling wordsmiths and communicators.

In this competition we offer pupils' the chance to tap into experiences and memories of their gardening and habitat adventures as a starting point on the road to writing poetry. I do hope your school decides to take part. See our competion section for details.

Big Wild Read

If you know anyone aged 5-11, then be sure to tell them about The Big Wild Read. Run in libraries across the UK, The Big Wild Read inspires children to make a difference for wildlife, whilst encouraging them to read lots of books. Breathing Places has teamed up with the Woodland Trust's Tree for All campaign so that for every book read, children will receive a tree token which will go towards up to 20,000 new trees being planted. Why not go along and find out more at your local library, or check it out on