sunSunflower Competition

This annual competition has been arranged to encourage the town's younger gardening enthusiasts to actively assist in Carrickfergus's entry to the Translink 'Ulster in Bloom' Competition.

Entrants aged 15 and under measure the the size of their Sunflower using a metric tape measure and complete the entry form.

Applicants should measure the size of their sunflower during the last week of August using a metric tape measure and complete the entry form, and return by the 1st September to: Carrickfergus in Bloom,
Museum & Civic Centre, 11 Antrim Street, Carrickfergus.

enter competition

Adobe pdf Reader To view application forms you may need to download Adobe pdf Reader.


1st Prize: 30.00 Gift Voucher
2nd Prize: 25.00 Gift Voucher
3rd Prize: 20.00 Gift Voucher
plus Carrickfergus in Bloom goody bags for the runners-up.

The Carrickfergus in Bloom Children's Community Competitions have a total prize fund of £350.

For the Carrickfergus in Bloom competition rules please click here.

Everybody who lives within the town of Carrickfergus are invited to take part in Carrickfergus in Bloom as there is something for everyone. By entering you not only brighten up your own house but you also aid our borough's entry to the Ulster in Bloom and Britain in Bloom competitions. To view more competitions click here.

2015 Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Olivia Hadden, Greenisland.
Runner-Up: Laura & Ellen Ritson, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Carla Brown, Carrickfergus.

2014 Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Samantha Braniff, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Olivia Hadden, Greenisland.
Runner-Up: Keera Reid, Carrickfergus.

2013 Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Katie-Lee Creighton, Carrickfergus
Runner-Up: Olivia Hadden, Greenisland
Runner-Up: Eoin Lavery, Greenisland

2012 Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Thomas & Harry Irwin from Carrickfergus
Runner-Up: Laura Clugston & Roma Rajkumar from Carrickfergus
Runner-Up: Sarah & Scott Alexander from Carrickfergus

2011 Winners of Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Joel McKimm, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Emily Turner, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Rebecca Boyd, Carrickfergus.

2010 Winners of Tallest Sunflower Competition

Winner: Naomi Kinnon, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Sarah, Scott & Thomas Alexander, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Rebecca Boyd, Carrickfergus.

View more previous winners here.