Samantha Braniff is 2014 Tallest Sunflower Competition WinnerBest Kept Container Garden 2014 Winner is Deborah Walker2014 Competition Winners

Best Kept Garden
Winner: Robert Steele, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: John O’Neill, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Georgie Brown, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Chris Hamil, Whitehead.

Best Kept Container Garden
Winner: Deborah Walker, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Bill Johnston, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Christopher Betts, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Joan Meadows, Carrickfergus.

Best Kept Community Planting Scheme
Winner: Brighter Whitehead.
Runner-Up: Carrickfergus Traders Association.
Runner-Up: Charles Sheils Charity.
Runner-Up: Wesley Court Residents Group.

Best Kept Allotment (sponsored by Sunnybank Garden Centre)
Winner: Richard Williamson, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Godfrey Robinson, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Colin McManus, Carrickfergus.

Best Commercial Premises
Winner: The Courtyard, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Manor Senior Living, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: The Bank House, Whitehead.

Best Kept Café, Pub or Hotel
Winner: Ownies’ Bar & Bistro, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Hillcrest Bed & Breakfast, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: The Old Tea House, Whitehead.

Tallest Sunflower Competition (read news article)
Winner: Samantha Braniff, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Olivia Hadden, Greenisland.
Runner-Up: Keera Reid, Carrickfergus.

Children's Painting Competition 15 and under (view all paintings)
Winner: Lauryn Glass, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Hollie Gilliland, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Kyna Ku, Carrickfergus.

Children's Painting Competition 10 and under (view all paintings)
Winner: Jenna Kane, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Maddison Brown, Carrickfergus.
Runner-Up: Martin Kearney, Carrickfergus.

Poetry Competition
Winner: Alexander Grant, Carrickfergus. (read poem)
Runner-Up: Alice Logan, Carrickfergus. (read poem)
Runner-Up: Kathryn Howard, Carrickfergus. (read poem)

Everyone who lives or works in the area has the chance to think about their local environment and how attractive flowers, plants and gardens can enhance it.By actively supporting this competition you will not only make your garden or business more attractive but also assist Carrickfergus’s entry to the Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition and the Britain in Bloom Competition.

Judging Criteria for General Categories

1) Design and general effect
2) Plant variety and diversity
3) Cleanliness and neatness (presentation)
4) Quality of plant growth and produce (husbandry)
5) Special features (e.g. wildlife area, pool etc)
6) Plants in bloom

Main Carrickfergus in Bloom Competition rules apply (see details).